My Favorite Sleepovers

waking up in your arms
while you’re still asleep
rolling over to smile
at all that you are

a reality
even better
than my dreams

~Katie Hinderliter



I knew from the way your fingertips
graced the lines of my hands
I knew from the way they shook in hesitation, curiosity.
I knew from the way your eyes then looked up and held mine.
I knew you would be something more than just a road I traveled.

~Katie Hinderliter

Making Melodies

falling in love in your basement studio
fingers gliding strings,
the veins flood your neck.
you watch me and I watch you play.
darling I love this song but
can’t your lips find mine in this moment

I want nothing more than you right now

~Katie Hinderliter

Unlearn You

Do you know how hard it is to
unlearn you? To stop thinking in
one days and church bells ringing?
How do I let go of the hands
my heart holds? Do you realize
my next years will be desolate
save daydreams of you and I?
did you ever stop to think that your wanderlust soul would shatter my heart with its need for more and more?

How could you make a home in my heart, and all too soon leave it to vagrants?

~Katie Hinderliter

~Katie Hinderliter